Charlie Hall

Charlie Hall, Professor & Ellison Chair

Department of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A&M University

For almost 30 years now, I have been conducting research regarding the green industry and I have seen firsthand the benefits to the public and private research programs across the country that stem from HRI funding.

I have also seen the industry receive benefits that make the ROI from this research one of the best investments that the industry could make in its own future.

For example, HRI has funded the last three national green industry surveys conducted by university researchers that are part of the Green Industry Research Consortium. These data have been the basis of generating the Economic Impact Studies that have been critically important in combating negative legislation affecting the industry, as well as justifying scarce federal and state dollars to programs benefiting the industry.

HRI grant funding has also been instrumental in helping the industry better understand the end consumer and what drives purchasing habits (or the lack thereof).

Critical issues have been addressed that have enhanced the profitability and survivability of growers, service providers, and retailers in the industry.

That’s why I not only support HRI with my voice, but also with my own personal dollars!