Bill Wells

William D. (Bill) Wells, Jr., chief executive officer of W.D. Wells & Assoc., Inc., a nursery, landscape design, build and professional gardening care firm (West Grove, PA). 

I have spent more than 50 years in the nursery business, including propagation, growing, retail and wholesale bare-root sales. What I love most about my job is that each day is a challenge, and I really never have been bored. My staff includes my three children, Bill H., David V., and Kathy.

Our biggest challenge is staying up to date (we like new systems) and making sure clients get 110 percent. The secret to our success is that we let others use their talents and try to hear what they are really saying.

The best thing HRI does for me is give me a chance to give back a lifetime of love and opportunities.

Favorite plant: Really, all of them. I’m a plant nut.

Favorite business book: All of them give a little piece of the picture. A smart man takes a bit here and a bit there and knows just a bit more.