Donald E. McCorkle, Sr.

Don McCorkle, board chairman and re-wholesale director of McCorkle Nurseries (Dearing, GA),a 65-year-old wholesale grower serving the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. 

One of our biggest challenges is surviving droughts and their effects on every aspect of our business. Our secret to success is providing the best product along with the best service. The thing I am most proud of is our people, who are forward thinkers, and no matter what the task, never say no! I’ve been a supporter of the national horticulture association since the early 1960s, and my favorite memory is playing on the softball team at an American Association of Nurserymen’s Convention in Chicago in 1975.

I support HRI because I believe research is the life’s blood of our industry.

Favorite plant: All, but especially camellias and roses

Favorite business book: “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.